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"It is an honor having you as a respected speaker at our Michigan District of Kiwanis Convention in Gaylord, Michigan on Saturday, August 23, 2003. Your message was very inspirational to all Kiwanians and guests. Your personal sincerity and beliefs presented meaningful opportunities for everyone to be aware of the message you are conveying throughout the world. The se facts are the need and importance of preventive sports medicine. I am confident many Kiwanians and guests went home with a new knowledge, respect, and an awareness of how they may personally be involved in their families, their lives, and their communities in aiding in this mission you have brought to their attention.

I, personally, have an additional respect for your, your dedication, and your beliefs in achieving your goals of founding the Institute for Preventative Medicine. Let me explain. In 1998-89, when I was International President of Kiwanis International, I chose for the Kiwanis Theme that year “Achieve by Believing.” This basic message expressed that if one believes in themselves, in what they are doing, and in their work (and in their Kiwanis organization) they can truly achieve all things. It was accepted throughout the Kiwanis world with a positive response and great success, both personally for our members and our organization as well.

You, Dave, are an outstanding example of our Kiwanis Theme that year. You truly are “Achieving by Believing!”

I thank you for giving me your fine book, “The Awakening of a Surgeon”, with the signed personal message. We are proud to have it in our home, just as I am grateful to have heard your inspiring message and to have had the opportunity to talk with you in Gaylord.

Thanks for also being a 'Believer'."

Gene R. Overholt

"I just finished reading your book - a Masterpiece to say the least! Thanks for all the many, many hourse you spent to get your message across. It is a very significant message. This book hopefully will be the start of a movement to radically change so many things in our society which are in great need of correction. This includes the dysfunctional health insurance industry and the enabling of physicians to practice good preventative care. Congratulations and Thanks once again for this much needed book!

Dr. Haffernan
Ypsilanti, MI

"It gives us great pleasure to recommend The Awakening of a Surgeon, not only as an inspirational story about one man's quest for injury prevention, but as a mechanism for communities to come together and create a safer and healthier environment for children and adults. We fully support Dave Janda in his continued journey and quest to bring safety to all sports."

- Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner

"Your book was the best I have read in a long time. Keep telling it like it is, the public needs to know (and they are ready to hear it).


D. Latz
Jackson, MI

"Awakening of a Surgeon is a great book about making sports safer for your kids. It is also a book about inspiration and empowerment for individuals and their communities, and it has my complete support both as an Olympic gold medallist and as a parent."

-Bonnie Blair

"With The Awakening of a Surgeon, Dave Janda, a pioneer in the once arcane world of sports injury medicine, blows open the doors on a subject that should be of vital concern to parents and educators - and, for that matter, politicians - everywhere. Part touching memoir of a surgeon's stubborn evolution to advocacy, part wake-up call to an establishment that's somehow neglected to notice the major health crisis developing right in our own backyards, ball fields and gymnasiums, this important book should be mandatory reading for any parent sending their child out the door to play- or even thinking about it."

- James Dodson Author, Final Rounds, A Golfer's Life and Faithful Travelers

“I just finished reading your book, The Awakening of a Surgeon, and was very moved by your experiences. If even a fraction of the business and health care community shared your passion and wisdom, we as a society would be in a far better position today with respect to health care and family matters.

As the Chairman of a small steel processing company, I am faced daily with the deceptions and lies places upon us by our insurance carriers with respect to continuing care as well as prevention. The bottom line for “most” carriers is cost cutting for them and not us, as well as reduced care and control. The bottom line never seems to be the health and well being of my employees.

As a former patient of yours, I think back to the quality and caring “care” that you and your staff gave to me and I still marvel at the results. I am forever telling friends and associates that my experience with you and your staff demonstrated everything that is right with medicine and society.

Best wishes and continued success.”

Darrell D. Sobeski

"I received your book, “The Awakening of a Surgeon” as a birthday present recently, and read it over the course of a few days. If found the book to be a very interesting subject and thoroughly enjoyable.

I am an orthopaedic surgeon in practice in Grand Rapids. I recently completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Connecticut with Dr. John Fulkerson. This fact, along with a lifelong interest in athletics, makes your book of particular interest to me.

The injury prevention measures that you have so thoroughly researched and implemented are of the utmost importance in the protection of young athletes everywhere. I would be very interested in facilitating the efforts of the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine here on the west side of the state. If I can be of any assistance, Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Congratulations on your excellent book."

Peter C. Theut, M.D.

"You asked me when I saw you in the clinic last Spring to tell you how my faculty contact at UNC-Chapel Hill responded to The Awakening of a Surgeon, which I sent to her. I thought you’d appreciate the thank you note I received from her today.

"Dear Melissa,

“The Awakening of a Surgeon is a great little book, which is written with passion and a deep sense of commitment to primary prevention. I truly identified with Janda’s struggle with the economic sector of society: Sports Manufacturers, Insurance Companies and other self-interest groups. The theory of primary prevention is outstanding, but putting it into practice is entirely another matter.

“I learned so much by readings Janda’s book with a lot of attention to detail. He tries to hard to hard to convey the message that he is an advocate for prevention of sports injuries and that he cares deeply about his mission. Janda succeeds in convincing details of his honesty and dedication.

“Melissa, thank you so much for sending this book to me. I do plan to use it. Here is how:

“I belong to the “Safe Communities Coalition” for Orange County [the home of Chapel Hill]. The mission is to prevent injuries through accidents on the highway or in the county. This includes bicycle injuries. I have been with the coalition since April 2000—its conception and formation. I plan to loan my copy to the leader of the group and to share ideas with them that occurred to me during the reading of Janda’s book.

“Also, I present—with the leader—the idea and practice of primary prevention by the “Safe Coalition” AND I will add Janda’s book, to my classroom presentation for undergrads and the RNs courses that I coordinate. I know the students will be most interested and I will give Janda full credit for his research…”

Shirley C. Mason, Ed.D., R.N., Assoc. Prof. Community Health Nursing, UNC-Chapel Hill

Keep it up, Dave!"

Melissa LeVine

"Enclosed [see below] is a copy of a book review for “The Awakening of a Surgeon: One Doctor’s Journey to Fight the System & EmpowerYour Community,” which appeared in the September 2001 issue of the Journal of the Kentucky Medical Association.

Our Book Review Editor appreciated the opportunity to review your book."

Sharon Heckel
Managing Editor

"This small, palm-sized, 192-page book packs much to be considered and learned. Coming from a colleague orthopedic surgeon perspective, Dr. Janda brings experience in sports medicine at many levels. ON the battlefront with young players in many activities, he confronted injuries of varied etiologies. Many were the happenstance of vigorous competition and zealous energy. Certainly in retrospect, some of these mishaps could have been avoided, but not totally, given the age and intensity of the participants. Others resulted from the incompetence or perhaps the maifeasance of supervising adults. Few would conspire to cause injuries, but by design and determination to win at all costs, the prices paid were devastating.

Through his book medium, Dr. Janda tells sad stories of collusion with industry, government and educators. Naming specific companies and detailing their behavior grabs the reader’s attention and frequently causes consternation. With his positions a past chairman of the Prevention of Sports Injury Advisory Group for the state of Michigan and, presently, as director of the Institute for Preventive Sports Medicine, he is affected directly by, and effects some changes in, how these different groups survey the sports landscape. Through the preface and the next eleven chapters, we read of this evolution form observer and operator to this present role as consummate spokesperson for the non-profession, typically young-aged, athletes. Anticipation and prevention recur often and with a crescendo by the end of the book. One appendix tables the astounding reported injuries from 21 activities, many in the hundreds of thousands. Another bullets a checklist for preventing sports injuries.

As interesting, factual and biographical book and literally a handbook for parents with children, this work should be popular and even required reading. With an orthopedic surgeon as its author and leading proponent, this cause should stir those of us in medicine."

Stephen Z. Smith, MD
Book Review Author

“The Awakening Of A Surgeon – A Family Guide To Preventing Sports Injuries and Death"

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